Mobile Phone Application Development

Current projections show that more people access sites using a mobile device than from a personal computer.

From Apple iPhone applications to all other smart phones on the market, we can provide a wide range of solutions to meet customer needs.

Simply understanding the internet and web design is not enough to build a compelling mobile solution. Our mobile solutions experts have training, expertise and proven experience to deliver the right solution on the right platform.






Mobile Marketing & SMS Text Messaging

Mobile Marketing involves communicating with the consumer via mobile device, either to send a simple marketing message, to introduce them to a new audience participation-based campaign or to allow them to visit a mobile website.

Shipp Media offers a huge suite of SMS text message marketing capabilities. Offering keysword campaigns using words like "IWIN" or even names like "SHIPP" will give your marketing a major boost plus you can retext prospects once they've responded. Spice up your mailers, billboards, television campaigns, etc

with a powerful SMS Text marketing campaign. Mobile coupons, contest, voting, we can do it.

Test it out by texting SHIPP to 25827.

Cheaper than traditional means for both the consumer and the marketer - and easy

enough for almost any age group to understand.