Web Design

Our web solutions provide end users with the ability to easily manage and publish content and create media rich, socially networked sites that meet a wide range of needs in today's web environment. From sophisticated designs to highly functional programs, we deliver web sites that are user-friendly and built to grow.

Website Design

The simplicity of the content management tools allows users of all skill levels to take control of the site with ease, while corporate identity, branding and the core design are protected.

This comprehensive tool kit can be expanded to accommodate an organization's changing needs. Designs can be updated or changed out in their entirety without interfering with features or existing content.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple content management tools mean that any authorized user from administrative staff to the CTO can publish information
  • Meta data is published for each piece of content thereby boosting a site's potential search engine positioning every time the site is updated
  • Photo galleries, calendars and forms encourage visitors to continuously access the site for up-to-date information
  • Commenting, polls, RSS feeds and other tools allow users to move and publish content between popular social sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube
  • Easy video upload and management tools allow users to publish videos directly from their phone, camera or other device without having to deal with cumbersome conversion tools and unknown formats
  • OpenX Ad Management tools give site owners the ability to monetize content, generate revenue and provide advertisers with detailed reports and statistics
  • Custom Includes allow more advanced users or IT departments to create their own applications and sites that extend the functionality of the system

Mobile Application Development

Current projections show that by the end of 2010 more people will access sites using a mobile device than from a personal computer.

From Apple iPhone applications to all other smart phones on the market, we can provide a wide range of solutions to meet customer needs.

Simply understanding the internet and web design is not enough to build a compelling mobile solution. Our mobile solutions experts have training, expertise and proven experience to deliver the right solution on the right platform.