Shipp Marketing & Media, LLC is selected to develop a media plan and assist with creative development and implementation in conjunction with university marketing staff.


Campaign Goals

Rebrand the image of the school into a major regional player with the end result being an increase in enrollment. To achieve this, we believe the best course of action is to develop a strong campaign that speaks to the types of students and personalities we feel attend this campus.

• Inform public of substantial financial opportunities and incentives to enroll, promote on campus dorms, new state of the art facilities and campus, thirty-three degree programs, full four-year school and other important points. 

Creative Selection

The first job of creative selection is determining the target market and what kind of creative might appeal to them. Using a basic assessment of current student collective personality, the following conclusion is reached. 

Summary Description of Students: Students here are more likely to be born with a shovel than a silver spoon. They know how to work hard for what they want and overcome limitations and obstacles to achieve their dreams.

-Creative message selection must coincide with this personality type and have a striking but simple creative element. After reviewing several creative styles and campaigns, involved parties choose the concept of "I A&M" which uses the Texas A&M logo and the first person "I" to make bold, descriptive statements intended to to appeal to students of a wide cross-section of backgrounds, race, gender, age and personality. The campaign fits the driven, determined, gritty type of student with whom the campaign should resonate.

-Creative uses actual students and is tight on face to show eyes, expressions and is decidedly serious in tone. The ads are intended to make an immediate person to person connection with the reader/viewer with an "I dare you to tell me I can't" sense and feel about them. 

-Main descriptive words are bold adjectives such as "Driven" "Focused" "Determined" and others. Supplemental copy points are simple and to the point directing viewers to the web site which is currently being redeveloped plus stating an impressive financial incentive.


Campaign Strategy & Execution


Repetition and frequency are key drivers of the campaign. As a result, :15 second bookend spots are chosen over longer :30 second television commercials. This allows for two mentions of the TAMUT name in one commercial break.

The campaign is intended to inform students from all over the region of TAMUT courses and degree offerings with a serious, demographically targeted message. To reach those students and hit Gross Rating Points targets we chose broadcast television ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW- viewable on satellite, cable, and antenna - as well as internet marketing and direct mail for primary media coverage. Our campaign will consist of local news as well as major prime programs such as American Idol, Glee, and others.

To supplement in the immediate Texarkana area of the campus and capture the attention of the local community and citizens who will benefit from the growth of a four-year university local social magazines, radio, and outdoor advertising are selected. The campaign should excite not just students and faculty but the entire Texarkana community.

All corresponding materials such as, brochures, on-campus videos, etc, will make use of the "I A&M" creative to fully connect the campaign elements.




  • TAMUT Television Commercials /images/video/am.jpg
    TAMUT Television Commercials

TAMUT-YouTube Version.


15 second bookends. 4x total. 

Print Samples

  • I A&M Focused
    I A&M Focused
  • I A&M Driven