Armed with experience and media savvy, Shipp Media can navigate swiftly through the complex world of advertising to help you reach your target audience using the ideal media mix. 

If you need a network cable, national broadcast, or local television buy in place fast, Shipp Media can plan, negotiate and execute a campaign tailored to your needs. 

Television & Radio

• National broadcast
• Local or spot market radio
• National cable networks
• Satellite TV
• Local or spot market broadcast
• Local or spot market cable
• National or local Direct Response
• Competitive rates
• Cost effective plans
• Out-of-the box strategies
• Post analysis
• Fast service
• Local or spot market radio


Whether you're buying local or national newspapers, Shipp Media can place your buy quickly and expeditiously. Our team of professionals can help you buy newspapers by sections, markets and even zones to help you reach your target effectively.

• National newspapers
• Local or regional newspapers
• Trade journals
• Classified publications


As print buying specialists we can develop creative ways to help your ad stand out. What's more, we will negotiate competitive rates, positioning and value added-merchandising whenever possible. Whatever your target, Business to Consumers, Business to Business and Trade Magazines, we are ready to target your target audience.

• National consumer magazines
• National business magazines
• Local and regional magazines
• Trade or business to business magazines


With an extensive list of outdoor providers in the U.S. and abroad, Shipp Media can help you reach your target audience with impact and visibility. Whether you need a handful of billboards or a National showing, we can help.